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3 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Clear Aligners

Posted on June 24, 2022

Everybody knows that investing in your smile takes work. Between brushing, flossing, and checkups, you may think that you’re all set with your oral health. However, flossing and brushing regularly can only do so much for your baseline bite and alignment. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, orthodontic treatments could benefit an estimated 50-75% of people. To help address many bigger underlying oral health concerns, orthodontists often recommend clear aligners.

Clear aligners are a temporary, attractive, and convenient option for straightening your teeth. These invisible braces are often recommended to help treat misaligned teeth or to fix an overbite. Before you decide to commit to clear braces treatment, it’s important to ask your orthodontist a few questions. Let’s get started.

Are Clear Aligners the Right Choice for Me?

When it comes to orthodontic care, there are a few different routes you can take in order to get your perfect smile. While metal braces are the most common approach to oral problems, clear aligners differ in that they are completely removable. On the other hand, more severe dental problems may require more strenuous procedures than simply using a set of clear aligners.

How Long Will My Treatment Process Be?

Keeping up with your routine is the key to successfully completing your clear aligner treatment. Ask our orthodontist what your general schedule should be in regard to cleanings. Additionally, ask how long you should wear your aligners in order to get the best results. Plan out a scheduled regimen to follow until the very end of your treatment.

After Treatment, What Can I Do to Maintain My Perfect Smile?

Dental treatment is only as good as the care put into maintaining it. Be sure to ask our orthodontist how you can best prepare for your clear aligners, as well as what you should do daily once you no longer need them. Be careful not to fall into habits of not brushing or flossing. Remember, a perfect smile isn’t made in a day!

Once you’ve asked our orthodontist, Dr. Zamani, these questions, you should have a deeper understanding of clear aligners and how they can help you in your oral health. If you are interested in clear aligners and are looking for a reliable, professional orthodontist, give us a call today!