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3 Reasons People Recommend TruSmile Inbraces Above Other Options

Posted on April 1, 2022

It’s no secret everyone wants their teeth as perfect as they can be. Crooked teeth may be a huge source of anxiety for some, but having patience with the orthodontic process pays off, and a new smile can instill so much confidence. TruSmile Orthodontics in Culver City, California offers a variety of teeth alignment hardware options. Here are three reasons TruSmile’s Inbraces are the best aligners on the market.


Not Just Invisible, but Hidden Away

One of the benefits of plastic clear aligners is that they are marketed to be invisible to other people. While that is true, Inbraces provided a much more discreet setup. Lingual braces such as these attach to the back of your teeth, by the tongue, rather than on the front or covering the teeth entirely. Socially, these braces may ease anxiety more than expected, since they do not show up in photographs and are relatively unnoticeable.


Considerate of Oral Care

Some people take the standard route and purchase traditional braces on the front of their teeth. Many of them may notice the difficulties that arise with flossing and brushing their teeth. Wires particularly get in the way of these tasks and reaching down into the gums can be awkward. While this style of braces may be ideal for younger children, adults may find them hard to manage. Adults actually make up one in five of all orthodontic patients (aaoinfo.org). Invisalign trays also come with a lot of instructions and pose the risk of forgetting to put them in after taking them out to eat.


Fewer Trips to the Orthodontist

Frequent trips to the orthodontist offices can be overwhelming given the number of scheduling conflicts that may arise. Time off work may also be a concern if you have to take off every two weeks. With Inbrace, trips to the office are significantly reduced!


TruSmile is an amazing practice to start your Inbrace journey. Residents of Culver City, get in touch with TruSmile to get started with orthodontic treatment!