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3 Ways That TruSmile’s Affordable Invisalign Can Transform Your Life

Posted on April 15, 2022

Crooked teeth, overbites, snaggleteeth, and poor oral care can severely affect an individual’s confidence. This is the case with both teenagers and adults. Since abnormal alignments in the mouth become noticeable at ages 6-12, orthodontic treatment typically begins in anticipation of that, at ages 8-14, according to Mouthhealthy.org. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, visit TruSmile’s website and book an appointment! We currently offer affordable Invisalign and are one of the best orthodontists in the state. Here are three ways that straight teeth with Invisalign can change your life:


Healthier Teeth

Overlapping teeth can prevent your toothbrush from reaching every surface of your teeth. Neglected or hard-to-reach corners of the mouth are more likely to see plaque and tartar buildups, which can lead to cavities, stains, and gingivitis of the gums. Invisalign makes brushing easier, as the accessible surface area of your teeth has been optimized. Flossing is also improved when teeth do not overlap. Straighter teeth make it much easier to eliminate bacteria from the mouth.



TruSmile cares about the way you carry yourself. Whether it’s to school, to work, or to the grocery store, you deserve to have a smile you’re proud to show off. Straighter teeth are, again, easier to maintain, but we are also more welcoming and help us feel better about ourselves. Invisalign’s clear aligners are recommended to stay in for 22 hours a day, but that gives you two hours to enjoy a meal with a friend, practice proper oral care, and even get a little break from the hardware. While lingual and traditional braces are excellent choices, they cannot be removed throughout the treatment.


You’ll Keep Your Smile for a Lifetime

All orthodontic treatments lead to a retainer of some sort. Retainers are recommended to be worn most nights a week, such as every other night, but your teeth will be in the best shape if you dedicate yourself to wearing your retainers every night. At TruSmile, your smile matters, both the one on the inside and the one shining outside. Affordable Invisalign also means affordable retainers!


Visit TruSmile’s website for more information about our affordable Invisalign, braces, and lingual braces. Shift your smile to shift your confidence!