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4 Reasons Invisalign is the Best Fit for Your Smile

Posted on August 29, 2022

Let’s face it, we all want a million-dollar smile. Invisalign is a removable clear aligner treatment and a great option for those of us who are seeking to change our smile without the appearance, pain and time of metal braces. Below are four benefits of getting Invisalign from the professionals at Tru Smile Orthodontics.

Greater Freedom

Opting for Invisalign over clear braces means that you can eat anything you want, whenever you want. Traditional braces can be uncomfortable and restrict the kinds of food you can eat. They can often feel tight and can leave your mouth feeling sore, especially if you break a bracket. With Invisalign, you can simply remove the clear aligners and eat to your heart’s content.

Fresh and Clean

Invisalign is a more sanitary process than braces. If you’ve ever had braces, you may know all too well the struggle of getting food stuck in them. With Invisalign, cleaning is incredibly easy. You simply remove the trays and brush and floss as usual. You can also easily clean your removable clear aligner with toothpaste, just as you would your own teeth. This is certainly a contrast to having braces which can sometimes feel impossible to clean!

Stealth and Subtlety

Braces are made of metal, wire, and oftentimes, brightly colored rubber bands. This can feel unideal, especially if you’re an adult who wants to keep the attention off your teeth. Choosing Invisalign gives you the freedom to show off your smile even when you have your clear aligners on. They’re virtually invisible to the naked eye, allowing you to wear them both privately and proudly in public.

Fewer Office Visits

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, one in five adults is an orthodontic patient. Clear aligner trays like Invisalign are great for busy adults who cannot make the time to go to the orthodontist every few weeks to readjust their braces. Braces need to be tightened and readjusted often. Besides being painful, it’s also inconvenient to spend that much time in the office, especially when you have a packed schedule.

If you’ve been considering cosmetic changes to your teeth recently, now is the ideal time to come in for an Invisalign consultation. At Tru Smile Orthodontics, we offer top-of-the-line services that will get you looking and feeling your best. Looking for something besides Invisalign? Contact us today to hear about our other services to protect your teeth.