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5 Reasons to Consider InBrace for Your Orthodontic Treatment

Posted on January 5, 2021

Technology continues to evolve, and so does the field of orthodontics. Anybody who has used traditional lingual braces can attest that they can be harder to manage. That’s why orthodontic specialists looked for ways to improve them. One of the most innovative options that has emerged is InBrace.

InBrace uses AI algorithms and advanced computer modeling to design custom braces for every patient. With this technology, your treatment can take the shortest path between your teeth’s current position and where they should be after treatment.

Let’s look at why InBrace stands out from other traditional orthodontic treatment solutions.

1. Conveniently Hidden

Brackets and wires used in traditional braces are visible on your teeth. Invisalign is somewhat the same in that clear aligners will sit around your teeth. While plastic aligners are almost invisible from far away, they are quite visible at close range. For more complicated cases, orthodontists must place attachments (small, tooth-colored dots) on specific teeth to create tooth movement that would be impossible to achieve with only aligners.

However, with InBrace orthodontic treatment, the Smartwire sits behind your teeth and faces your tongue. Nobody will know you’re straightening your teeth except for you and your orthodontist. This method is likely to boost your confidence as you’ll have a straighter smile, minus the removable clear aligners or visible wires over your teeth. It’s a good option for musicians, creatives, travelers, or those who enjoy a social and active lifestyle.

2. Treats Numerous Orthodontic Problems

InBrace can correct a wide array of teeth misalignment and bite problems. It can treat issues such as:

• Moderate and mild crowding
• Gaps between teeth
• Crooked teeth
• Moderate deep bite (Under-bite)
• Moderate open bite

The cases mentioned above are moderate or mild. That means that this treatment method may not be an ideal solution for severe cases of spacing, deep bite, crowding, and overbite.

3. Better Hygiene

With metal braces, you must use flossing tools to remove food particles lodged in the brackets or wires. With Invisalign, you have to remove the clear aligners, brush your teeth, and then put them back.

On the other hand, InBrace makes keeping up with your oral hygiene easier. You’ll continue to brush your teeth and floss as usual.

4. Shorter Treatment Period

InBrace’s true ingenuity lies in its Smartwires. These wires keep adjusting themselves over time, reducing the need for multiple appointments. The efficiency of InBrace can cut the treatment time by several months or even years in some instances. InBrace is convenient for countless people, but especially busy adults who don’t want to be slowed down by orthodontic treatment.

5. More Comfort

InBrace employs Gentleforce technology, where light, consistent force directs your teeth into their appropriate position. You can say goodbye to regular tightening appointments and painful mouth abrasions that sometimes occur from traditional wires and brackets.

6. Schedule an Appointment Today

For InBrace orthodontic treatment in Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas, look no further than TruSmile. Dr. Zamani will help you achieve your desired smile using this cutting-edge technology. Contact us to start your journey to a beautiful smile or for more information about InBrace.