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6 Ways Orthodontic Braces Can Help You

Posted on November 14, 2019

If your teeth aren’t perfectly aligned, your dentist and orthodontist may recommend braces to correct those issues. Most people know that braces straighten your teeth while correcting your bite, but the truth is that it can do much more. The primary role of orthodontic braces is to straighten and realign teeth which really helps with aesthetic appeal, but it can also help with preventing gum disease, improve bone health, improve digestion and even improve your speech. These treatments have become more mainstream and are not just for kids. According to a report from the American Dental Association, women wear an estimated 70% of all dental braces and adults make up about 25% of all orthodontic patients.

You might not have realized that there are a number of ways in which orthodontic treatment can improve your life besides just looks. Here is an outline of the major benefits of dental braces.

1. Braces can prevent gum disease and tooth decay
Misaligned teeth overlap and create tight spaces. When teeth are too crowded or crooked, the crevices create a hiding place for bacteria and food particles to build-up. If patients are unable to cut food particles with their teeth or clean those hard to reach areas, there can be a buildup of bacteria.

This creates conditions for issues like gum disease, cavities, tartar, plaque and tooth decay to develop. This problem also increases the risk of diseases such as periodontitis.

If you’re treated with orthodontics like metal braces or clear braces, your teeth will become well-spaced and aligned. This allows for better flossing and brushing. If your smile is corrected with braces or clear aligners, you eliminate the hard-to-reach areas, thus preventing the build-up of food particles and bacteria.

2. Braces improve your oral hygiene habits
Braces help with aligning teeth, which subsequently improves your ability to floss and brush your teeth. With this improvement in oral hygiene, you are further preventing cavities and periodontal diseases. While you may have to work a bit harder to ensure top-notch hygiene habits after getting braces, these healthy habits can ensure increased oral care for the rest of your life.

3. Braces can help in improving your digestion
Did you know that orthodontics can actually help you digest your food more efficiently? Teeth play a crucial role in masticating your food. Chewing food is the fast process of digestion, which begins the process of breaking down solid food. If you have an overbite or under-bite, it may be hard to masticate your food well. Braces help you in eliminating under-bites, overbites, and any other teeth misalignment, thus allowing you to chew food well. Well-chewed food facilitates better digestion because food mixes more easily with digestive juices.

4. Braces prevent jawbone erosion
When the gum and bone tissue have no teeth to support, they begin to erode. The same happens for misaligned teeth with wide spaces and gaps between them. Over bites and under bites due to teeth misalignment also put too much pressure on jawbones. With braces or clear aligners treatment from an orthodontic specialist, you can have a better bite and less erosion of the gums and jawbones. The jawbones rebuild once they get restored.

5. Braces can aid in speech improvement
Teeth help you to maintain proper speech and word pronunciation. When your front teeth extend backwards or forward, there will be effects on your speech pattern. This can cause frustration and embarrassment when you speak. Braces adjust the position, alignment, and spacing of your teeth, which allows you to speak with great clarity. Orthodontics correct overbites and underbites with braces to improve pronunciation of certain words. They also end the whistling sound that occurs with a malocclusion leaving wide gaps between your teeth.

6. Dental Braces can boost your confidence and image
Misaligned and crooked teeth give you a bad look whenever you smile. This problem may affect your self-esteem. Every time people laugh and smile, you may find yourself hiding your smile or laughter. But with the use of braces, your teeth will, in the end, become aligned and you can show off your confident TruSmile again. The correction in alignment can give you marked improvements in your confidence.

Come in for a consult with Dr. Zamani if you’re looking to improve your oral hygiene, teeth alignment, speech, and oral hygiene and health. Our TruSmile team will give you advice on whether to choose Invisalign, ceramic, or metal braces.