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9 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Orthodontist

Posted on February 19, 2020

All people cherish a happy smile, and you wouldn’t want to ruin the beautiful smile upon your face. Orthodontic specialists are in charge of the orthodontic practice that helps in putting happy smiles upon your face and those of your loved ones. This post presents to you nine crucial questions that you should ask before choosing the perfect orthodontist for your braces and Invisalign services.


1. Is The Orthodontic Specialist An Expert?


Unlike other medical specialists, specialists in the dental field complete initial 4-year training in dental school. After four years, the orthodontic specialist goes through a 2-3 year course in a specialized area of dentistry. An orthodontist takes this time to learn how to align patients’ teeth and jaws. When looking for an orthodontic specialist, ensure that your prospective choice has all the highlighted certified training in addition to practice certification.


2. Is The Orthodontist’s Schedule Compatible With Your Needs?


Ideal orthodontic specialists should have a flexible schedule, which can be compatible with your busy schedule. Such flexibility will save you the time you’d spend making an appointment and queuing up to get orthodontic services.


3. Can You Get Guarantees On Treatment?


Some orthodontic specialists only provide care when you’re in Invisalign or braces. Once they’re off, they may take care of you for only one year. Only a few practitioners offer a guarantee in their treatment, but you can always ask whether they provide one and how long it may take.


4. Can You Get Same-Day Braces?


Some orthodontic specialists may take up to six appointments to fit your metal braces or Invisalign. With modern equipment, this time may be too long. As such, choose an orthodontist that will take the shortest time to serve you well.


5. Can You Get Different Treatment Options?


Most orthodontic specialists only use traditional metal braces and bands in teeth alignment. If you’re seeking more varied services, then you should reach out to orthodontists that can provide more services such as Invisalign clear aligners.


6. Can You Get Accelerated Treatments?


Would you like to have your braces and Invisalign done in a short time, but have the same great work? Ask your orthodontic specialist how long it takes to get your braces done. Always go for the specialist with the best service and shortest delivery time.


7. Can You Get Adult Orthodontic Services?


Most jaw and teeth alignment problems are often solved by the time a person gets into their early twenties. As such, most orthodontic practices serve children and adolescents. But this doesn’t imply that adults don’t need orthodontic care. You may need such services as an adult, and it would be better to visit a practice that serves orthodontic patients of all ages.


8. Do They Have A Welcoming Environment?


An orthodontic office should be welcoming to all visitors. But more so to the young children who have great fear about visiting the dentist’s office. The office should have ample sitting space and a room with activities for young children to engage in as they wait for their appointment. Adding beverages, drinking water, snacks, and some other refreshments can be a pleasant bonus.


9. Is the Practice Active in the Local and International Community?


Is your prospective orthodontist contributing in a positive way to your community? Does their practice take part in sponsoring local charities, events, and schools? Is the tradition of giving back to the global community? All these issues are essential, and you should choose an orthodontic specialist that gives back to society.


The U.S has approximately 4 million users of braces, and 75% of them are under the age of 18. This finding implies that there is a high demand for orthodontic specialists and services. There are many orthodontic specialists out there too. It’s also likely that you may fall among the 4 million, and you’ll need an orthodontist. To get an ideal orthodontist, consider the highlighted points above, and you’ll get it right.