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Are You A Candidate for Clear Aligners?

Posted on June 18, 2020

Orthodontists are seeing an incredible increase in the number of patients that are opting for clear aligners. There are so many benefits to clear aligners, that it is completely understandable that more patients want the clear aligner option.
Clear braces patients in Los Angeles have found that aligners can accomplish many of the same goals as traditional braces. Of course, the next question is: Are clear aligners right for you?

How Do I Know If Clear Aligners Are Right for Me?

The best way to learn if clear braces are the right option for you is to make an appointment with a trusted orthodontic specialist. A consultation with an orthodontist will help to determine if removable clear aligners are right for your condition. The doctor will take records and x-rays to get a comprehensive overview of your specific needs and what treatment option will best address those needs.

However, there are a few things that can disqualify a patient from being a good fit for Invisalign braces.
One thing that can prevent you from being a good candidate is an oral health problem that is not being treated properly. An active disease of the gums can prevent you from getting clear aligners because the teeth are not in a healthy state to shift positions. This does all depend on your individual case, so make sure to have a discussion with your doctor.

Another question to ask yourself is if you will be a dedicated participant in the process. Removable clear aligners are a great option because you can remove them to eat and to brush your teeth. However, you do have to keep them in most of the time. If you are not sure of your level of commitment to keeping your aligners in, then this may not be the right option for you.

Before you can have any corrective clear aligners made, you will need to ensure you are maintaining good oral hygiene. That means you will need to have any cavities addressed, any need for root canals, and you will have to get any gum disease under control.

Having certain conditions does not permanently exclude you from getting clear aligners, but they will need to be addressed before you can get to work on straightening your smile. An orthodontist that specializes in Invisalign braces is the best option for learning more about your options.

Learn More About Clear Aligners Today

Clear aligners can help you to reach your smile goals, our Los Angeles orthodontist has other treatment options that could be a good fit as well. The best way to determine what is truly right for you is to schedule a free consultation to learn more about invisible aligners and your individual treatment needs. Dr. Zamani looks forward to meeting you and discussing how we can help you discover your TruSmile today.