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Benefits to Seeking Attention for Misaligned Teeth

Posted on November 18, 2022

The quality of the smile is valued very highly in our society. However, there are reasons besides aesthetics to get braces. A lot of alignment issues, especially ones identified in adulthood, can pose risks to the health of your teeth and jaw. These factors are considered far less than appearances are, leading people to pursue correction from an orthodontist in childhood but not adulthood. The American Association of Orthodontists estimates that 3.9 million children in the U.S. are orthodontic patients, as opposed to around 780 thousand adult patients.

The Risks of Misalignment

Jaw position plays a role in the body like any other set of bones and joints. Neck tension, shoulder stress, and even the health of your ears and throat can be affected by the jaw and teeth. People who clench or tense their jaws have been found to experience more inflammation in their upper spine and neck.

If your teeth are crowded, it can make cleaning in those areas more difficult. Getting cavities addressed is expensive, and leaving them unattended can cause abscesses and tooth rot. These kinds of infections are even more sensitive than normal in terms of spreading to other parts of your body and making you sicker. Fevers, viral infections, sinus problems, and throat/lung issues can spread from there. Many people don’t know about these kinds of risks because they are rarer, but they’re not impossible by any means.

Braces Alternatives

Braces are unfortunately seen as an eyesore by a lot of people. Of this preference for more subtle options, orthodontic specialists have come forward with a few options. Lingual braces are the standard metal brackets set to the back of the teeth instead of the front. These ones aren’t perfect for every condition, but they work with the same efficiency as traditional braces. Another very popular option is Invisalign, a type of mouthguard-shaped brace that slides over the teeth and is replaced on average every few months. Many adults prefer this option and many orthodontists recommend them because they offer the easiest installation and cleaning experience, and they are usually the most invisible option.

Being conscientious of your oral condition is much more important to your bodily health than a lot of people realize. If you have crowded teeth or a crossbite, it might be worth looking into if these conditions could be contributing to chronic pain or illness. If you live in the Culver City area, Trusmile Orthodontics could be your next stop in improving your health. Call us today!