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Don’t Let Orthodontic Anxiety Stop You From Being Healthy

Posted on December 4, 2023

If you’re feeling nervous about going to the orthodontist, you’re not alone. According to AAO, many as 3.9 million children are orthodontic patients in the US, and there are many adult patients as well. Don’t let your fear disrupt your oral health and the possibility of having a perfect smile. Here are tips to ease your fears and relieve stress about these dental visits.

Identify Your Fear Source

When you’re afraid of something, such as an orthodontic visit, the best way to conquer such fear is to identify the source. Are you afraid of the tools your orthodontist may use? Are you worried about the potential discomfort from certain orthodontic devices? Are you worried about how you might look with braces or other orthodontic treatments? Once you identify the fear, you can find coping strategies or seek resources to help you. If the noise triggers you, you could always wear headphones during treatment. If you’re highly sensitive to sensory factors, ask about sedation dentistry.

Talk to the Orthodontist

Your orthodontist is a professional who sees many patients, such as yourself, who may be nervous about their treatment. By explaining your concerns, they can work with you to ensure your appointment is as comfortable as possible beforehand. Let them walk you through the process. They may even show a video or photos of past work. You can also work out a method such as using a hand signal to stop because you need a break.

Find Ways to Relax

Finding appropriate relaxation techniques can help you get through your orthodontic care. Now would be a good time to start meditation and mindfulness techniques. Something as simple as five to 15 minutes a day of meditation and quiet time can help you. You can do this both before and during your treatment as a way to keep your blood pressure down and help calm your nerves. Bringing some music to listen to or a small object like a stress ball can also help.

Your local orthodontist wants to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible when you see them for a visit. They understand why you may be anxious and hesitant to come in, so they will work with you to ease your fears. For a professional and caring orthodontist who’s ready to help you through such anxiety, contact our office at Tru Smile Orthodontics today.