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How Braces Could Make Your Teen More Self-Confident

Posted on July 22, 2021

From metal and ceramic braces to clear aligners, orthodontic treatment of all kinds has remarkable benefits. Some of the positive effects of getting braces and having a straighter smile include bettered oral hygiene, fewer bite issues, fewer gum problems, and increased self-esteem. The last effect is especially important for teenagers, who commonly suffer from low self-confidence. For teens, braces are more than just an avenue to better oral health – they’re a life changer!

Smiles for Miles: Braces Give Self Confidence

When you have a wonderful smile, you’re likely to flash it more often. Studies have shown that when you’re smiling more, you also tend to be happier. Orthodontists help to enable people such as your teen to be more self-confident, and happier overall, by finally giving them the smile that they’ve always wanted. No longer do they have to grin with their mouth closed and feel self-conscious about their teeth showing in school pictures. They can smile proudly without a second thought.

First Impressions Matter

With a straight smile comes confidence, and when a teen has confidence, they feel comfortable pursuing all sorts of opportunities. They can approach situations like first dates and interviews with less hesitation, assured that they can make a great first impression. In this way, braces can be an investment in your teen’s future. A shining, healthy smile shows others that your teen puts effort and pride into their appearance and into themselves. Talk to your local orthodontist about the success stories of past clients who felt that they could conquer anything once they had a smile they felt comfortable showing off!

No Longer the Odd One Out

In the past, those with braces felt self-conscious and like the odd one out. Nowadays, it’s a rite of passage! There is far less stigma associated with having any kind of braces, as more children are getting orthodontic treatment, and they realize it’s all in an effort to get a straight smile. In all likelihood, a child can feel like the odd one out for not receiving orthodontic treatment. Kids feel happy choosing the colors of the bands used for metal braces, and even happier knowing that one day the braces will be off and they’ll be left with a five-star smile.
Change Your Teen’s Attitude

Orthodontists have seen for themselves the positive emotional effects that braces can have on younger people. Out of the 4 million Americans wearing braces, 75% of them are younger than 18, and 100% of them are on their way to achieving better oral health and self-confidence. Talk to your teenager about their feelings surrounding braces and the future of their oral health, then call the professionals at TruSmile Orthodontics to discuss how to make your teen’s dreams come true!