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Maintaining Oral Health During Orthodontic Treatment: Tips and Tricks

Posted on June 21, 2023

Orthodontic devices are used to correct dental issues that affect the alignment and positioning of your teeth. According to the National Library of Medicine, an overbite is the second most common reason braces are used, with the first being aesthetic reasons. If you or your child are utilizing orthodontics, there are steps you should take to maintain oral health during your treatment. Here are some of those tips and tricks.

Brush Your Teeth More Frequently Than Normal

It is recommended that the average person brush their teeth at least twice a day for two minutes. However, if you have braces, you should brush your teeth more frequently. It is recommended that you brush your teeth after every meal. This helps to remove food particles that can get stuck in your braces or other orthodontic devices, as well as remove plaque that can build up around braces and wires. You should also brush your teeth in the morning and at night.

Floss At Least Once a Day

Another tip to help you maintain your oral health during orthodontic treatment is to floss at least once a day. The average person should floss at least once a day, but unfortunately, most people only do so a couple of times a week. When you are wearing orthodontic devices, it is even more important that you regularly floss. Floss helps to remove food and plaque between your gums and your orthodontic devices.

Attend Your Orthodontic Appointments

The final way you can maintain your oral health during orthodontic treatment is to always attend your orthodontic appointments. During regular orthodontist appointments, an orthodontist ensures your orthodontic treatments are working and that your teeth and gums are remaining healthy. Missing appointments can affect your treatment and your overall oral health.

Orthodontics can be used to straighten teeth. But, if you do not properly care for your teeth while wearing these devices, you can cause other issues, including tooth decay. As such, it is important to brush your teeth more frequently than normal, floss at least once a day, and attend all of your orthodontic appointments. If you are looking to get a straighter smile, our orthodontic office can help you find the treatment that is best for you. Call Tru Smile Orthodontics today to schedule a consultation.