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Orthodontics 101: Clear Braces Vs. Lingual Braces

Posted on August 24, 2021

Most people struggle with some form of misaligned teeth for one reason or another, and thus people look for subtle ways to correct the problem. Perfectly aligned teeth and a good oral health routine not only improve your eating habits, but are also aesthetically pleasing!

If you have been looking for a way to straighten your teeth, then you have probably come across clear aligners (Invisalign) and lingual braces (InBrace) as possible solutions. Unlike traditional metal braces, these two methods strive to treat misaligned, crowded, and crooked teeth inconspicuously. Both are similar in that they are inconspicuous, but their similarities just about end there.

So, what are the differences between clear aligners and lingual braces? And which of the two is better suited for your dental needs?


InBrace is the hardest-to-spot orthodontic treatment option, as they are placed behind a patient’s teeth. Most patients can bite, chew, and smile easily without anyone noticing the braces. On the other hand, Invisalign is ‘clear’ but easily visible from up-close, as they cover the front of your teeth, as well as the back. In a public setting, they are mostly unnoticeable.


Lingual braces are fixed permanently, which means they are safely attached and need minimal care. However, you have to be careful as you go through your daily oral health routine to get all of the food particles from the brackets and wires. This task gets easier with time. Provided you attend all your appointments — usually every 6-8 weeks — you are good to go.

On the other hand, clear aligners are popular for being removable. You can take them off during interviews, meetings, social gatherings, and nighttime. This feature makes the orthodontic treatment ideal for your oral hygiene maintenance, though it does require a certain level of discipline to make sure you’re wearing them as often as you should be, which is typically 20-22 hours a day.


Since lingual braces are newer to the market and not all orthodontics offer the treatment, they tend to cost more than clear aligners. According to Authority Dental, InBrace can cost you from $4,500 to $13,000, whereas clear aligners can cost $1,000 to $9,500. TruSmile Orthodontics has a range from $2800-$5249! It is advisable to always ask for a quote from your orthodontist to get an appropriate estimate!


When it comes to comfort, Invisalign is often considered more convenient, as the treatment involves no wires or brackets. Plus, the aligners are removable. Even though you may feel a bit sore as your teeth align, many find them cozier than brackets. If you have InBrace, you may experience minimal soreness due to the wire-on-tongue friction.

Consequently, patients with InBrace must avoid sticky food, gum, hard rolls like bagels, chewy candy, etc., whereas patients with Invisalign can remove their trays while eating.

Treatment Period and Results

It is easy to spot a noticeable difference with lingual braces as compared to clear aligners. This is because all traditional and modern braces do a better job at correcting more serious teeth problems because of their design. You should note that complicated cases of crowding, crookedness, overbites, or under-bites are usually treated using traditional braces for best results.

Most Invisalign treatment programs last between 12 months to 18 months, while lingual braces take one to three years depending on the type of braces. This difference in treatment timeline could be attributed to the fact that Invisalign treatment programs are often assigned to less serious dental cases. Dr. Zamani is able to perform most InBrace Lingual braces and clear aligner braces, like Invisalign, from 6-18 months. Both are wonderful choices to make your teeth straight and improve your bite!

Time to Bring Back That Smile

There are many cosmetic orthodontic treatments to choose from, so you are better off consulting with a certified orthodontist. At TruSmile Orthodontics, you will find an orthodontic specialist that will guide you through your journey to an impeccable smile. Get in touch today and book a free consultation!