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What are the Benefits of Removable Clear Aligners?

Posted on March 9, 2020

Removable clear aligners continue to gain popularity in today’s market. People gravitate towards this orthodontic treatment because they aren’t distracting, can be taken out at night for optimum comfort, and give you that perfectly straight smile you’ve always wanted. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about clear aligners and how they can upgrade your quality of life, read on.

What Are They?
Clear aligners were invented in 1997 to make correcting teeth easier and more discreet. They have come a long way since then, and nowadays, they can tend to be as popular as traditional metal braces. That’s not without a good reason — they offer countless benefits to people of all ages. Like metal braces, these clear aligners shift your teeth slowly by placing pressure on the teeth in question. Each set is designed to gradually move your teeth just a few millimeters over each time.

The Benefits of Removable Clear Aligners
You Don’t Have to Worry About Unflattering Photos
Since removable clear aligners are discreet, you can be sure that your smile will always look great in photos. You will always look picture-perfect with them in, and even more so afterward — when you have a prize-winning smile from our Los Angeles orthodontist.

Boosted Self-Esteem
While it’s easy to hide a bad hair day with a hat, or an acne spot with a bit of concealer — hiding a crooked smile is a lot harder. Not having a quick fix for this can take a toll on your self-esteem. However, clear aligners are a great solution for this. While they don’t fix your teeth instantly, they still work quite quickly depending on your individual treatment plan.

Clear Aligners Improve Many Dental Imperfections
Do you have an overbite? Overcrowding? Underbite, perhaps? Aligners can correct a wide array of dental imperfections, so it’s no wonder that 4 million people in the U.S wear them. It’s best to set an appointment with our orthodontist so we can evaluate the best treatment option depending on your needs.

Removable Aligners are Hygienic
Another benefit of clear aligners is that they are a hygienic option for straightening your teeth. You can remove your trays at any time, so you can brush and floss your teeth as you normally would.

You can also continue to eat foods you love that are usually harmful when wearing metal braces. Just make sure to brush your teeth after eating before replacing your aligners and follow proper care instructions for keeping them clean.

Contact Us for More Information Regarding Your New Smile
It’s not vain to want to nice smile. Your smile says a lot about you, and you want everyone’s first impression of you to reflect who you truly are as a person. If you’re interested in learning even more about corrective braces, clear or metal, contact Dr. Zamani to schedule your free consultation today.