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Why Clear Aligners Are the Choice Of Many Orthodontic Patients

Posted on March 19, 2021

A smile, as some philosophers would say, conveys the very essence of our being. There is a reason why when we meet someone, we try to smile and be courteous. Smiles can open doors, form relationships, and score opportunities for us to better ourselves. But if one doesn’t have the smile that they want, what are they to do?

Historically, one was gifted with a good smile from genetics or good luck. Today, you need not rely on such a fate thanks to the invention of braces. With traditional wire braces or clear aligners, anyone can afford to get the smile that will make their best self shine through. It simply requires a couple of orthodontist appointments and sitting in a chair getting the work done. Many times, dental insurance will even pay for some of the cost, making it truly an affordable procedure.

Today, we’d like to discuss why some people choose removable clear aligners (commonly known as Invisalign) over traditional metal braces. It’s not that traditional metal braces aren’t effective, but there are downsides that some patients would like to avoid. By choosing removable clear aligners, you’ll reap all the mechanical benefits of braces while avoiding many of the downsides. This may make your orthodontic experience more pleasant, as you cruise toward having the smile that you’ve always wanted.

Improved Appearance to Keep with Your Aesthetic

By consulting with orthodontists about clear braces and their benefits, they’ll most often tell you that people choose removable clear aligners for one reason: they look better. In fact, The American Dental Association reports that 70% of braces are on females, and largely for aesthetics. While not all of these are clear, the point is that by choosing clear aligners you can get all the benefits of braces with almost none of the downsides. This makes them an easy and worthwhile choice for anyone who wants to get their best smile.

Molded to Your Teeth, Exactly

Since removable clear aligners are made from plastic castings of your exact teeth, there is no question about whether they will fit or work. They are specifically made for you, to help only you. Your clear aligners are not a generalized solution and will need far less adjustment or maintenance than traditional braces. As long as you follow the schedule and keep to your new aligners, you will be good to go for the foreseeable future.

A Boost to Self Esteem

Many patients who use removable clear aligners for their orthodontic treatment report a noticeable boost in self-esteem as their treatment continues and their teeth continue to look better. It makes sense, simply from a practical perspective. Instead of having to wear metal wires or get food accidentally stuck in their teeth, they can remove these aligners when eating or drinking and then practice good oral hygiene before putting them back in. This allows their aesthetic to remain clean and minimalist, only focusing on that smile that they’re working so hard to obtain.

Simply Easier to Take Care Of

As we mentioned previously, removable clear aligners are just that: removable. Instead of having to contend with your favorite sandwich ending up in the crevices of your teeth, you can remove your clear braces and eat normally. This may even enable you to brush and floss your teeth before putting them back in, leaving you with a clean and satisfying feeling every time you resume your treatment. That’s something that can’t be said for traditional braces and remains a huge benefit of clear aligners.

They’re the Whole Package

So there you have it. Clear aligners provide all of the benefits of traditional braces while eliminating many of the downsides. If you’re an adult who needs to keep up appearances, this can be useful to you for many reasons. From dating to keeping your professional life in check, having clear aligners can help you solve one problem while avoiding others. After all, isn’t having a beautiful smile simply priceless?