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Braces Myth Busters: Debunking Common Misconceptions About Orthodontic Treatment

Posted on August 28, 2023

There are a lot of myths about orthodontic treatments that might be common but aren’t true. One of the main ones is that braces are only effective up to a certain age. While they might be more common in young people, there’s no cut-off age for receiving orthodontic treatment. According to Forbes, 25% of the 4 million Americans with braces are over the age of 18. Regardless of your age, or the myths you’ve heard, orthodontic treatment is an effective option for most people. Here are some other common myths you may have heard, officially debunked.

Myth: Adults Are Too Old for Braces

Fortunately, there’s no age at which orthodontic treatments stop working. Additionally, for adults who are considering treatment, there are a number of options that are less noticeable including clear brackets and wires that are placed on the inside of the teeth. Your orthodontist can review these options with you and help you determine which will be the most effective for your treatment.

Myth: Orthodontic Treatment Is Long and Uncomfortable

While orthodontic treatments can last for two years, it’s a lot more comfortable now. There are many improvements that have been made over the years that make the experience shorter and less uncomfortable. If you or your child feel reluctant about starting treatment, it’s worth the time and effort to meet with an orthodontist to learn more about the process and what it truly entails. You might be surprised by what you learn!

Myth: Braces Only Provide Cosmetic Benefits

Yes, your orthodontic treatment will give you a beautiful smile, but that’s not the only benefit. When teeth are misaligned, it can cause a number of different issues. Your bite may be off, which can lead to problems like TMJ and other jaw issues. In fact, orthodontic treatment is often recommended for many non-cosmetic reasons. If your teeth are crooked, or you have an under or over-bite, your overall dental health can suffer. It’s a myth that the only benefit of treatment is straight teeth, as there are many more. Scheduling a consultation to discuss bite issues or misaligned teeth is an important first step toward dental health.

If you need orthodontic treatment, we’re here for you! Contact our office today at Tru Smile Orthodontics to schedule an initial consultation and to learn more about the various treatment options that are currently available.